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Arctic Ice Melt Seen Doubling Risk of Harsh Winter in EU

Date: 28/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings todays news from Bloomberg. The decline in Arctic sea ice has doubled the chance of severe winters in Europe and Asia in the past decade, according to researchers in Japan. Sea-ice melt in the Arctic, Barents and Kara seas since 2004...

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Chinas Major Rivers carry no Aquatic Life

Date: 27/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters continues on with our research on the current water crisis and The 25 Appalling Facts about our Earths Dwindling Water Supply. In China, 80 percent of the major rivers are so depraved that they no longer carry any aquatic life at all. The Yangtze River is contaminated with 40 million tons of industrial waste and...

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Northwest facing severe water crisis

Date: 24/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings todays news on the increassing water crisis from The Daily Star. Residents of Bangladesh's northwestern region are suffering from severe water crisis for the excessive extraction of groundwater by the government and non-government organisations in the absence of a centralised...

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In China, a Drought Tests Nomadic Herders’ Culture of Survival

Date: 23/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings todays latest news on the drought conditions in China. ALTAY, China — It has been a bad year for the big-tailed sheep. The grass in the high mountain pastures here in northwest China has been sparse, and the sheep have not eaten well. They are scrawny. That means the Kazakh herders have...

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Water Crisis Seen Worsening as Sao Paulo Nears ‘Collapse’

Date: 22/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings current news on the water crisis in Sao Paulo from Bloomberg. Sao Paulo residents were warned by a top government regulator today to brace for more severe water shortages as President Dilma Rousseff makes the crisis a key campaign issue ahead of this weekend’s runoff vote....

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