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Date: 23/08/2018

With the planets second largest population at 1.3 billion, and expectant growth to 1.7 billion by 2050, India finds itself unable to serve the vast majority of that populace with safe, clean water. Supporting 16% of the world’s inhabitants is daunting enough, but it is even more so when recognizing that population is crammed into an area one-third the size of the United States....

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Cape Town

Date: 3/02/2018

Arctic Blue Waters Ltd has a number of bulk water sources which could service the South Africa with bulk water. Subject to port restrictions in SA and available vessels we would normally like to supply in quantities in excess of 20000 tons, the ideal quantity being 50000 tons. We are currently working on a freight on board price of USD 8.00 per metric ton for portable water. This...

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Self Propelled Barge

Date: 9/10/2017

Working with our associate shipping company our firm has access to a 4,353 ton self-propelled barge that is internationally capable of transporting over 3,000 x 275 gallon containers of pure drinking water.  The barge is also capable of hauling 150 vehicles, building materials and up to 350 passengers.   Arctic blue waters intend to deploy this barge to the Caribbean Islands...

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Bulk water contract signed

Date: 12/08/2016

Arctic Blue Waters Ltd is delighted to announce that on the 11th August 2016 it signed a bulk water sales agreement with Pure Kuwait Water Trade Company and Pure Bahrain Bottling and Water Trade Company. The agreement provides for Pure Kuwait Water Trade Company and Pure Bahrain Bottling and Water Trade Company to purchase sixty-three million gallons of pristine...

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Last woolly mammoths 'died of thirst'

Date: 2/08/2016

Arctic Blue Waters providers of bulk water and exporting water from renewable/sustainable sources to any location throughout the world research news and other facts to bring to you interesting reading. Todays news comes from the BBC. One of the last known groups of woolly mammoths died out because of a lack of drinking water, scientists believe. The Ice Age beasts...

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