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Pure Arctic Portable Water

Delivered Port to Port by ocean going food grade tankers, for bottling or municipal use at end user location.



Adak Island and Sea

Arctic Blue Waters (UK) ltd.

Export water from renewable/sustainable sources to any location throughout the world.


Opportunities for Investment

Invest in the growing Asian market for bulk
potoable drinking water.

Investing in Bulk Water Export to China,
Japan, Korea and India

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Water Tanker Ship

Looking To Buy Drinking Water In Large Quantities?

Arctic Blue Waters sell large quantities of water & transport it anywhere in the world.

If you have a need to purchase large quantities of water in bulk contact Arctic Blue Waters who are specialists in this field.  With over 30 years experience in delivering bulk water internationally our experts are ready to assist you in your water purchase requirement. 


Bulk Portable Drinking Water for Sale

Shippers of Portable Drinking Water in Large Quantities to Countries Around the World.

Caribbean Water Deficit Amid Drought

To mention the Caribbean is to conjure up images of sun, sand and turquoise blue sea. Yet the island region’s reputation for crystalline blue waters washes over a critical problem for many of its 30 territories: water scarcity. With an estimated population of 8.2 million throughout the Caribbean islands, together with a large number of visitors, the decline in...

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Bulk Portable Drinking Water Export Proceedure

Procedure for the world wide bulk shipment or portable drinking water.  1. Prior to loading the bulk water onto the ship: (a) All piping will be flushed with fresh Arctic Water from the source; (b) Water samples will be obtained at the time of loading and will be checked using Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC: also...

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The Need for Pure Drinking Water

Arctic Blue Waters suppliers of large quantities of water to countries in abundance would like to share the need for us all to drink water. Many of us are lucky to have the rescourses to have water at a finger touch, but sadly for many around the world this is not the case and many are in danger of dying of the effects of lack of clean drinking water.. ...

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